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Roxas-UrBoxas's gameplay for Prototype (PS3)

Roxas-UrBoxas played Prototype

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Roxas-UrBoxas said...
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I've had this game in my collection for 2 and a half years. I played it for an hour then never touched it until I borrowed X-Blades from my Grandpa and saw what a truly horrible game is.

At least something out there finally gave me the patience to play this game again... And you know, I kind of having fun stomping around New York kicking all sorts of ass and pissing the military off. I actually free-roam more in this game than I have in any other game and slightly enjoy it.

I still think Activision doesn't know how to make a superhero game that doesn't involve the city of New York though... I mean, come on, make a new city!

Prototype (PS3)

Genre/Style: Action/Third-person 3D Action
Release Date: 09/JUN/09
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I really enjoyed running, jumping and flying from the roof of a building...more like gliding I guess. I did a lot of free roam in this game. Pretty fun IMO.
Yeah, I initially really hated this game and had it collecting dust since the first inFamous came out.

I gotta say, X-Blades made me kinda respect this game as a better piece of work...

Ditto on the enjoying running, airdashing, gliding, and roaming around!

Also, you can drop kick a helicopter! Badass!
Same here i love Protoype but i play it on the 360
Prototyle was lots of fun once you get the good stuff unlocked/leveled up. I finished it and went back for a bunch of achievements. Then I had a brainfart and recovered my gamertag on another xbox and lost all my offline progress. Grr.

The game overall was a little darker than it needed to be - couldn't they have done at least one cutscene without blood as the primary visual element? ;)
Hmm... For the blood I suppose when you have a theme you may as well stick to it.

Yeah, X-blades actually make me appreciate this title. I think my hate for it stemmed from having Prototype and inFamous at the same time. I deemed inFamous as far superior and revolted everytime I looked at prototype.
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