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Roxas-UrBoxas's gameplay for Prototype (PS3)

Roxas-UrBoxas played Prototype

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Roxas-UrBoxas said...
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Why do free roam games always have things to collect that are impossible to complete? inFamous 1 was alright because you could do the scan method and just be very thorough. inFamous 2 was even better because your scan would show you the location of the nearest orb even if it was 200 miles away! These a excellent examples of collectables in free roam games being more possible.

Prototype does not assist you in any way finding 250 collectibles spread across New York City... :-(

So I've beaten the game from start to finish without dying. Upon this playthrough I still haven't found anymore collectibles! I have 8 left and a trophy haunting me... I'm starting to think I won't be able to find them without internet assistance! I'll get my Hard mode trophy and see if I can find anymore collectibles in that playthrough and if not then I will finally crack and use an internet guide.

Prototype (PS3)

Genre/Style: Action/Third-person 3D Action
Release Date: 09/JUN/09
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193/200 collectibles.

Ok! I just spent 2 hours looking very closely at all of Times Square via helicopter... SoooOooooOooo... With that out of the way, and my thoroughly searching the Park just North of it that accounts for 94 collectibles I'm positive I now have. So, the other 106 are spread around the city. and I'm only looking for seven of that bunch. Guess I'll start in sections and move in a East to West grid...

deep breathes... This will be done...
And in case anyone was wondering how I knew there are 94 collectibles through the park and times square, it's because the game says so during load screens.
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