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A day of sadness made better through Metal Gear.

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Roxas-UrBoxas said...
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For the past five years my birthday has been a terrible time for me. I associate my birthday with bad happenings instead of good and I try to hide away from people so that I can be by myself and not have any chance of something terrible happening. Between girlfriends breaking up with me, friends backstabbing me, or just general bad luck such as heading to work and getting splashed by a muddy puddle during the walk and having to cancel my shift... My birthday is synonymous with trouble!

Last year however was different. I booked the day off and told my room mate to go somewhere else for the night. He had grown quite accustomed and aware to how depressed I get on my birthday but he unwillingly agreed because he'd known me for three years prior and knew it was a twenty four hour period I needed to myself.

So there I was sitting in my living room, playing my PSP by myself, content with my day, knocking back some rum while I played Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker. I had just completed the game on solo the night before so I decided to take on the insane challenges after the main story online through Ad-Hoc party. I joined a four player co-op game and had a grand old time playing four or five missions with three other team mates. Nothing could stop us! We were destroying everything! In between missions we'd sit and plan what we were going to tackle next and chat amongst each other through the PS3's chat window. I humbly told the players it was my birthday and it was great to be a part of such a great team with my first online experience, they all said Happy Birthday back through the chat window which almost felt robotic and customary but a good thought nonetheless.

We played another mission and we completed it with ease... Something odd happened this time. The load time for my game was taking a lot longer after the mission and I was losing patience with my PSP. I thought it was my connection at first until the screen lit up and a midi file came up in my game and sang an 8-bit version of the Happy Birthday song to me. I then had received three gift boxes in the game from the three users I was playing alongside with that are not so easy to get.

I was ecstatic! I didn't know this game had the capability to do something like this but my three team members knew about it and utilized it! It actually put me in a very happy mood too! Call me a loser but it was exactly what I needed to see: three random people sacrificing good items and swag to a person that had played six missions with them just because it was my birthday.

Gaming is incredible and full of surprises at times. I was thankful for this day and it made me love this game even more. Thank you for reading.
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Great story. I feel the need to apologize that such a wonderful thing was spoiled by having a FUCKING SPAMBOT POSTING ON IT!

Sorry about that. I'm glad you now have a good memory for your birthday. May all the rest be even better.
And it's gone. Like that. Proof positive that this site is fully back. I may tear up a bit. Getting a bit misty.
Well thank you... I have a million stories in my life involving gaming making me feel good so as they come to me or as I forge new ones I'll most likely share them. I suppose we'll see if I still enjoy my birthday this year. I'm back in the same province as my family, so if worse comes to worse I can't deny them to help make a good day out of a bad one. :D

I posted in the forums about the spam bot... They constantly check them so I constantly use them.
Great story! Sounds like the people you played with we're amazing! Hope your birthday is just as good this year!
Damn rights! Sometimes you just find a set of gamers and a team you love to bits, I'm positive everyone has been there before.
Dayumn is a swear? Hahaha.... Whoops.
That was kinda cool...if we were to play it last year I prbably would have done the same
I didn't know you until Dissidia Duodecim came out though. Hahaha! I'm sure there will be other opportunities.
Man... The two of us together really whalloped Dissidia... Equipment, armour, play style, artifacting, labyrinth completion. I can honestly say I'm glad you dropped that random facebook message when that game came out.
I'm glad I did also. One of the few things I have to thank face book for
Very wonderful read. It's just something about Metal Gear and it's community that stands out, I swear. Whether it be on Peace Walker or MGO, always an enjoyable experience.
Perhaps since Metal Gear is an innovative and enlightening game with a very unorthodox man like Hideo Kojima at the core of development, it transfers to the people that play and enjoy the experience as well. I'm throwing this write-up on my blog now.
I already love my first comment, so I want to share it:

"What a great story. A lot of people call gamers selfish because all they see is one person isolated from the rest and they can't see how this person is actually able to interact with other people. They think the person only thinks about themselves and his/her own enjoyment. But, I think a lot of games have underlying principles that promote generosity.

For example, a lot of achievements/trophies specifically require you to interact with other people. In most of the games I've played, there was definitely ones for co-op or gifting random people. Some people can't appreciate the value of something unless it's tangible. But, intangibles, like time, are far more precious. Gamers understand this concept much better than most people because really, at the end of each game, there is nothing concrete to show for their efforts. Of course, this doesn't mean it was a waste of time. Virtual gifts get a lot of flack, but really, doesn't this go back to the saying, "It's the thought that counts."

And, I am glad that finally, for once, someone was thinking of you on your birthday. Moreover, it doesn't surprise me in the least that it was three random gamers you just met."
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