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Arkham City raises questions and I want your opinions.

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Roxas-UrBoxas said...
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First off, there are SERIOUS SPOILERS in here! Read at your own risk!!!

I loved Arkham City and I am not putting into question whether this is a bad game or not since I think it's GOTY material... I'm however VERY confused about Batman lore as I thought I was very adept at Batman knowledge... Anyone out there want to bring me up to speed?

The Watcher side quest with a man named Azrael... Who is he? Where does he fit in? Why did they feel the need to put him in Arkham City as an unresolved case? Where did he appear? What am I missing?

The identity thief... Also an unresolved case... I don't remember this guy either, I watched every Batman cartoon imaginable, I've read plenty of graphic novels in the Batman universe, AND I've watched all the movies and for the most part played most of the Batman games... Some of which were god awful. Who is this man? Why is he stealing Bruce's face? They were friends? Are they just covering their bases with Azrael and this Identity thief guy to leave it open for a sequel since they killed off Joker?

When you visit Poison Ivy post game with Catwoman she is cursing the human race and is claiming revenge. Any meaning behind this? Or did they just add it for the hell of it? Possible sequel again? I'm just looking for opinions here...

Will a Batman sequel to Arkham City even be worth it if Joker (fan favourite arch nemesis to Batman) isn't even in it? Without Joker the whole dynamic of these Batman games kind of loses touch right... So... Are they going to try and continue down this path?
Batman: Arkham City

Batman: Arkham City (PS3)

Genre/Style: Action/Action Adventure
Release Date: 18/OCT/11
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Azrael is an assassin working for the order of St. Dumas, first introduced in the Batman: Sword of Azrael limited series. At first antagonistic with Batman, he later joined and trained under him.

When Bane later broke Batman's back, Azrael stepped in to take his place while he healed. He proved to be a rather....volatile person, eventually getting his ass handed to him by Batman after he came back to reclaim the Bat-title.

He has his own series for a few months, before it was canceled with his apparent death. He was replaced, but I'm not sure who he is. I do know it's a different person, but that's about it.

The Identity Theft person is a man called Hush. He's kind of a recent addition to Batman's Rogues gallery, Tommy Elliot was a childhood friend of Bruce's, went nuckin' futs, became a sort of anti-Batman, etc etc. He's a master plastic surgeon, capable of performing surgery on himself to impersonate anyone. He also appeared I think in Batman Beyond.
Very interesting. So they're using more recent Bat-Lore which is why I'm getting a bit lost...
yup. You're probably not the only one either.
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