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The Crystal Bearers, first impressions.

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Roxas-UrBoxas said...
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I love the look of the game, it's true what they say it's got the best looking graphics on Wii to date. I however am finding no problem with this game, difficulty wise that is. Point, click, grab, swing. If it wasn't for some of the neat effects and everything I'm looking at while I'm playing I doubt this game would have enough to keep me into it.

Easiness can slide when you're watching your character sky dive and controlling his Gatling gun or riding on a chocobo cart slamming royal gaurds into cavern walls, tearing bridges from under them, watching them suffer and fall...

Other complaint is the bad camera control... Starting to get to me, they used the D-Pad on the wii-mote to control the camera. Maybe I'm not used to it, maybe I need a horizontal inverse too... I'll pull up the options when I fire it up again later. The voice acting is a B-, not bad, could be way better. Sigh, I hope this game picks up a bit and takes the diaper off soon though. Don't let what I say deter you from buying this title though, it's far better than any crystal chronicles game I've played to date which may not be saying much, but it's fun despite how easy it is and visually stunning. If you're on the fence with this game and bored, go get it.
Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles -- The Crystal Bearers

Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles -- The Crystal Bearers (WII)

Genre/Style: Role-playing/Third-Person 3D Action RPG
Release Date: 23/DEC/09
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I was actually looking at this at Best Buy the other day and was highly tempted to get it. I played through most of Crystal Chronicles on the GC and enjoyed the game. Haven't quite played the DS version yet, busy finishing unfinished business on a few other games first. -coughRE5cough-

Even despite the downfalls, you say it's the best CC so far, I might still pick it up for some fun.
Yeah, it's the best one because it loses the focus on multiplayer and just tells you a decent story. The camera is bearable after awhile, killing enemies gets a little repetitive as there's no actual combat system... The mini-games are what truly shine in this game. Honestly if you can find it cheap I'd say pick it up just because it's focus on mini-games is the most fun I've had on a Wii game since Wario-ware.
Hmm..that is interesting. The main complaint I had heard was that the combat was too hard... Ah, but I heard that in a "professional" review, and I am not convinced that they played for more than 5 minutes.
Perhaps hard because of it's simplicity? All you do is grab and throw monsters or grab items and throw them at monsters. I'd say the toughest part of the combat is controlling the camera, although I've been finding you can run through the whole game without actually fighting anything except the occasional boss. Since you don't level up I have been only fighting when I'm bored or want another heart container.

Some enemies are really tough, but then just come back later when you have more life and better equipment and you shouldn't have as tough a time.
@Roxas-UrBoxas If there's one thing I enjoy in mindless games and that's mini-games. Gives a chance to break from the game and generally have a stress free time. :3

I'll probably wait until the price drops some before picking up the game but I am a little more excited than I was to get it. I just hope the camera doesn't make me quit out of principle. xP
The camera is bad but not that bad, just takes a learning curve. Since the game is about 50% mini-games as well it's give and take.
@Roxas-UrBoxas That's good to know. :3
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