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“Too funny, and too true.”

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Portal 2

Portal 2 (PS3)

Genre/Style: Puzzle/3D Platform
Release Date: 19/APR/11
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Apologies for language... I may not have fully thought this one through...
It's all good, so true.
There's worse language in some of my games.
Hah haha!
Are you always headless in Portal 2?
What do you mean? You play as a human with a head in tact in the main story.
The second one you're a robot, here's the multiplayer trailer.
Only in multiplayer mind you, you can play as the orange and blue robots. In the first and second (in single player) you play as the female trying to get the hell out of there.
Correct, I should have clarified with my statement.
You make it out in the first one only to be brought back in..
I haven't played the second one through yet. I'd love to get it though.
It's an excellent game @playforward
Worthy of your time.
To anyone reading, just make sure to play the first one first. You'll pick up on much more of the story & humor that way.
I managed to pick up the first one for free on Steam a little while back.
I want to try this game It sounds fun.
Yes, hop on board, I hate games presented in first person and I loved this one! That's gotta say something.
Portal forces you to think in new ways. That's the best thing about puzzle games, but there are very few that you have to solve from the inside.
Catherine was an excellent puzzle game in my opinion... Definitely one of a kind.
That's kinda what I heard about it, and also people keep saying "Now you're thinking with portals."
Haha... And smooth jazz... And space... Gotta go to space, orbit, space orbit, in my space suit.
And most importantly, after playing through Portal you'll fully grasp the statement "The cake is a LIE"
Was it really a lie? Hahaha! What about the theories of Cake perimeter, or how the cake isn't a lie but you can't have any?
Exactly! All that and more is tied up in that one line, and to fully appreciate it, you must play :)
The cake came from Portal, too?
Hehee... We have a play on words ladies and gentlemen!
I knew it was a good idea adding you @Catatouille.
*plays on the words*
Get off the book shelf!

*sprays water*
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