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My Tattoo

“I got the moogle from final fantasy tactics as my first tattoo.”

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Final Fantasy Tactics

Final Fantasy Tactics (PS)

Genre/Style: Role-playing/Strategy RPG
Release Date:
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Videogame tattoos unite!

I got the bloodsin from Vagrant Story on my back - about 12 inches long.
I want a green mushroom from mario with crossed eyes with "Got shrooms?" written below
I want a 1-up shroom right below my moogle, kingdom hearts nobody symbol down my arm, and the heartless symbol over my heart seeming as I have the keys for them.

I also loved the tattoo on... who was it again? Sidney? Is that the one? Cause that is badass.
Very awesome. I've been working on a Etna and Prinny combo that will go on my chest/stomach since my back is already taken by Star Wars.
Nice :) I really want to get a tattoo sometime but haven't decided.
@DarthOdium Wow would like to see that as well..sounds cool :P
@korncob I'll have to take pics of all my tats.
Awesome :D
Cute tat! I would love to have a moogle and maybe a chocobo. Mykal already has one from the Zelda series.
I was going to get a cute chocobo on the other side for symmetry, tattoo's are expensive, I have many plans though. A cactaur would be wicked too.
Or a cute little tonberry, complete with robe and lantern. :)
Don't forget kitchen knife. Possibly the word "Doink" in a speech bubble.
Hehe... that's awesome. Doink!
FFVIII style, King Tonberry was an awesome hidden summon.
No kidding. That might be a bit larger than the cutesy version, though. Ooooo, think of all the fantastic summons that could make back pieces. One personal fave would be Shiva.
Shiva eh? Which one? The young vibrant and colourful one from 8, the sort of east indian one with the bindhi and the tied hair from 7, the dreadlocked sultry one from 10?
I like the one from 8 the best personally :P
Yeah, she seems to be the youngest, fittest, and most Caucasian at least (minus the blue skin)

I thought 10's had a lot of class though.
10 for me, but then again I like pin-ups. Especially for artwork.
I like the way Ifrit has evolved through the series. Much more bestial, savage, and in a certain way, noble.

Can't wait to see what all the summons look like in XIII. March can't come soon enough.
You mean you haven't seen them? I've seen the Shiva twins, Odin, and another and I gotta say, although they are very neat to look at... They're bionic...

Shiva turns into a motorbike, vroom vroom.
So we have summoned transformers? teehee...
It's looking like that's the case... I think I remember Ifrit being a hot rod or something, hahaha, maybe a little cooler than that. We'll see how it plays out I guess.
They should make great tats then. The bio-mech look is really popular with alot of artists.
Yeah, although I think it's not really needed in my beloved series, but knowing square they'll do it very well. I'm positive.
I wonder if anyone has gotten a picture of an arm on their arm and a leg on their leg etc.
Yes. I've seen tats that show the person's arm being ripped open to show muscle and then bone or mech-works underneath. Not my personal style, but impressive nonetheless.
I always wanted a collar bone tat with rotting skin and bone to zombify myself.
If I ever got a tattoo, I'd get the Triforce on my left hand.
I'm getting matching twi-forces with three people, with black light responsive blue ink... The outline will be black and we're going to light up each one to represent us.

I got courage, Axelgrinder (my friend and guy on this site) is power, and I think Chelsey was gonna get Wisdom, it really suits us too. If not Chelsey we have another in the making too. And then when we get together we can shine a black light on them.
Mykal has the Triforce from Twilight Princess on the inside of his right forearm. It's sick it's so good... I love the black light ink idea.
My next piece is going to be a transmutation circle (Fullmetal Alchemist) on my back. Lots of intricate work. Should look pretty cool, assuming my skin doesn't do something weird like it did with my first tat.
Which was? The suspense is killing me.
@Roxas-UrBoxas I think his wife says it's the Triforce from TP, I think he posted a pic of it.

Here it is, http://mykalgaidin.gamerdna.com/images/0G4bode/img_0506-jpg
Nope. My first tat is on my left arm and is the symbol used by the band Evanescence. The Triforce one was my second, and by no means my last, much to the chagrin of my mother.

Her first words upon seeing Jez's sleeve was "Sarah, what is that on your arm?".

I'll see if I can find a pic to post, although her tat isn't gaming related.
@mykalgaidin Nice, always wanted a sleeve but I'd imagine it would be far too expensive...lol
@EarthboundX I never said the Triforce was his first tat, although the thread is about first tats. My bad I guess. :) My first was actually two tiny cherry blossoms down in blue and pink. Only took about 10 minutes to finish. That was my "Oh gods, can I handle this?" tat.
@EarthboundX That wasn't directed at you, but I appreciate the pic, yes it is the twilight princess design.

@mykalgaiden What happened to your first tat? Something about your skin?
I can answer for Mykal. For some bizarre reason, part of his all black tat created scar tissue that didn't hold the ink. Took almost a year to heal to the point his artist could touch it up. It looks fantastic now, but I guess it takes his skin awhile to take to black ink.
Ah, does he tan? I hear that can be the issue to that. Just throwing the theory out.
He should show a updated pic.
@Roxas-UrBoxas He does tan well. Olive skin tone like his mom. I, on the other hand, burn like toast. But I take to ink beautifully. Haven't had a single problem with any color. :) I guess that's an upside to being fair-skinned.
Being tanned apparently can change how ink takes to skin. It toughens the skin and makes it harder apparently. Maybe the combination of where he got it and how tanned he was affected it?

I'm as pale as a ghost, and my skin takes to ink very well.
Bah I'm fairly tan as well I probably wouldn't do well with ink then eh? :s
Not always true, it's more on if you tan or are outside a lot in the sun, toughens the skin up so ink doesn't take well. If you're just naturally darker skinned there should be no issue.
Too much sun is bad for the skin anyway.
Oh I'm not outside a lot (lol) so I'd probably be fine then.
Cute! I love it.
Thanks. Wow, I forgot how much conversation this little tattoo sparked. Blast from the past.
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