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Roxas-UrBoxas reviews Mega Man X (SNES)

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Roxas-UrBoxas said...

This is the ONLY Megaman game I was crazy about. It initially was the music in the first stage that hooked me then right after I realized this game wasn't as frustrating as all the Megaman games I played before it. I have beaten Megaman X and Megaman 10 (and YES I know the difference) and trust me I've played them all. I don't fully grasp Megaman but every once in a while they make one I go crazy about.

This title is one of those titles!

The others would be Megaman Legends 1, and Megaman ZX.

Game Traits applied to Mega Man X (SNES) by Roxas-UrBoxas

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  • General Tone:
    Amazing music
Mega Man X

Mega Man X (SNES)

Genre/Style: Shooter/Platform Shooter
Release Date:
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Mega Man X is the only game of the series that hooked me enough to buy it (even as a broke 10yr old kid). Great stuff.
Yeah, it is definitely above my expectations and it seems the series just hasn't been able to meet it since.
I liked X2 a lot as well, but I was disappointed by the others...
Also, I miss Legends, and I wish 3 hadn't been canceled.
I never played the second Megaman Legends... But the first was pretty stellar!

I tried X-6 I think it was... The one where they introduced ducking, and I gave it back to my friend I borrowed it from in about an hour.
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